In Ibiza there is a rich tradition of winemaking from ancient times. The country folk kept up the tradition of growing grapes and making wine for their own consumption. This practice has given way to the development of wineries.

Ibizan wines are mostly produced in the areas of Sant Mateu, Sant Josep and rural area of Buscastell, under the name “Vinos de la Tierra” (equivalent of the French vin de pays) These wineries focus on small-scale, high quality wine production, with deep and soothing aromas, with soft but structured bodies. In Can Rich de Buscastell, organic farming, modernity and tradition combine. They produce red, white, rosé as well as sparkling wine, and also a delicious sweet wine, Ibizan herbs and a wonderful extra virgin olive oil.

Post-it: The vines are trellised and cultivated according to the regulations of the Balearic Organic Farming Council. Local varieties are the Monastrell and Garnacha in red, and Malvasia, in white.

Rates: Affordable

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