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Traditional Ibiza gastronomy, in the past years is positioning where it should be, every day a little bit closer to the top. It is simply magnificent and with a very wide range of suggestions and varied dishes. Always using great quality and local products appreciated more and more by island residents and visitors. From the sea and land.

Today we bring you in our blog two restaurants from the north part of the island which have been offering us excellent dishes for decades of the most authentic Ibiza cuisine.

The first one we are showing you is Restaurante Es Pins, nearby the village of Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, on the road to Sant Joan. Its been with us since 1970, when the owners built it. Margarita made typical Ibicenco stews and her husband Joan got specialized in cooking delicious paellas. From then it hasn’t stopped growing, just like its customers.

Simple and with no luxuries, yet real and authentic. Very well appreciated is its homemade bread which they still make in a wood oven and with an anise touch flavour. And what to say about their delicious all-i-oli!… You can find all of the traditional Ibicenco cuisine dishes. From “Ensalada de Crostes”, “arroz de matanzas”, “frita de pulpo” to “sofrit pagès”, “ossos amb col”, “guisat de peix” (fish stew), etc. All of them delicious and homemade by Ibicencos.

And another important aspect is its very affordable prices. Nowadays it’s very hard in Ibiza to find restaurants with this quality/price value that Es Pins offers. It’s a must.

The second suggestion that we bring you is Ca’s Pagès restaurant, nearby Sant Carles de Peralta, another legendary restaurant of Ibicenco gastronomy in the north of the island. Founded in 1972, when Toni “Pujolet” decided to create this restaurant that hasn’t stopped doing business since. Today, it’s his daughters Carmen and Lucia who run it. Fantastic grilled meat that’s prepared in a barbecue. Besides other treasures in Ibiza cuisine, like the typical potato salad and roasted peppers, “arroz de matanzas”, Ibicenco chicken, “pinchos de sobrasada”, and not to mention the dessert menu… Dried figs with almonds, “graixonera”, “flaó”… Ibiza in a dish…

If you want to enjoy its great cuisine and its fantastic terrace, you should be aware that there is not a reservation service or a credit card payment service.

To finish we just want to say that both restaurants are available all year round.

Bon Appetit!