Cala d’Hort. One of Ibiza’s most mythical and spectacular beaches.


We’re in one of the most emblematic places of Ibiza today, that goes without saying. It’s located in the southwest of the island and belongs to the town of Sant Josep. You probably already know this beach (even just from pictures) thanks to its unmistakable horizon crowned by the impressive islet of Es Vedrà and her companion Es Vedranell. Besides these unforgettable views, the beach cherishes the odd secret, so let Can Planells reveal them to you:

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Enjoy Agroturismo Can Planells this summer 2018


Agroturismo Can Planells is a countryside hotel full of history and Ibizan soul. It is the place for you if you are looking for a more rural Ibiza, a space of respect and love for the land, use of local products in your cuisine, typical architecture, and calmness and tranquility for your holiday.

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4 keys to get to know Ibiza at its most authentic this summer of 2018.


A new season is about to start in Ibiza and at Can Planells we are ready to open our doors and enjoy an unforgettable summer together.

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Native breeds of Ibiza and Formentera Part 2


In a previous post, we commented on the importance of the preservation of these native species of Ibiza and Formentera because of their cultural and historical value. And we specifically talked about chickens, goats and sheep. These three species already had the recognition of native breed, but in this post, we’ll focus on the remaining two, which don’t yet have this recognition and are classified in a lower group: the Ibizan Rabbit and the Black Pig of Formentera and Ibiza: Read more

Native breeds of Ibiza. Part I


The native breeds of Pitusas are the living memory of our ancestors, of the life and the Ibizan culture of yesteryear. They are species of unparalleled quality, adapted to Ibiza and Formentera like no other breed but which, now, are becoming breeds that are rarely seen, since the 5 breeds are in danger of extinction due to the lack of breeders in our islands and how complicated is the breeding of these species, since they require very special conditions. Three of them already have the recognition of native breeds (sheep, goat and chicken) and the other two have the inferior qualification of breed grouping (black pig and rabbit) that we will comment in another post soon.

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The 10 Most Instagrammed Places in the North of Ibiza


In honor of the famous phrase “A picture says a thousand words”, we have made our selection on the basis of the photos you took this summer at the top spots in the north of the island and then posted on Instagram. In the end, no matter how much we talk about how beautiful Ibiza is, there’s nothing like seeing it with your own eyes…

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“Bullit de Peix”: A Dish That Epitomizes Ibiza


Bullit de Peix is one of the most representative fish dishes in our gastronomy. It is a modern version of Guisat de Peix, a traditional dish that fishermen used to make on their boats while they were out at sea

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The Beauty of Autumn in Ibiza: Ideas, Recommendations and More


After all the clubs have had their closing parties, and all the airplanes have taken the tourists back home, and the beaches are left deserted, Ibiza is reborn as an island full of peace and serenity. An Ibiza replete with traditions, customs, culture and natural beauty comes alive for the local islanders and, on a lesser scale, tourists. The heartland of the island offers a variety of ways to enjoy autumn. Would you like to hear our top suggestions?

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Looking back on good times and top spots from the summer of 2017


As the season winds down, we realize that the island has once again given us a summer to remember – luminous days and glowing nights, unforgettable walks and magical sunsets… For all of these treasures, we would like to express our gratitude. This year, Agrotourism Planells has offered valuable tips on the best places to visit, activities to pursue, restaurants to eat at and beaches to swim at. In retrospect, we decided they were such good suggestions that we would roll them all into one post, as a small souvenir of the summer of 2017, in appreciation of your loyalty.

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Towers Part 2 – The Islands’ Watchtowers


In the Pitiusas we have a total of 14 towers if we count the 4 that stand on Formentera (Punta Prima, Pi des Català, Punta Gavina and Cap de Barbaria) and another one located on Espalmador (from which it gets its name). The 9 remaining towers are spread across Ibiza. Two are inland towers (one built into the Sant Antoni Church and the other into the Santa Eulàlia church), while the remaining 7 are dotted around the coast.

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The Northern Watchtowers of Ibiza


The defense towers that dot the Pitiusan coast were part of a public works program begun in the18th century, during the reign of Charles III. They were built in an attempt to detect the approach of Saracen pirate ships, which regularly raided coastal villages and settlements, stealing salt, fish and harvested foodstuffs. To warn islanders as soon as a pirate ship was sighted, the watchmen manning the towers would send smoke signals or, alternately, light fires if the sighting had occurred in the dark of night. When the country folk saw these warnings, they quickly gathered their most precious belongings and either hid in the forest or took refuge in a fortified church.

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A Day in Ibiza: A Step by Step Guide


At Can Planells, we have one goal: to provide you with a memorable holiday. To that end, we would like to show you the island’s best face, steer you to its hidden corners (i.e. those that don’t get written up in the guide books) and, above all, make you want to come back. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about Ibiza and let us lead you on the adventure of getting to know it freestyle. What follows is a proposal of how a day could unfold for a couple on a romantic escapade – from the pleasure of waking up together in our agrotourism to the excitement of exploring the White Island’s special essence hand in hand. Take note of this small guide, which includes sun, beach, good food, a sunset, a romantic dinner and a bit of nightlife.

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4 Alternative Sunsets in Ibiza


Ibiza, so beautiful it takes your breath away. White-sand coves lapped by turquoise waters and framed in the deep greens of the Mediterranean. If you are visiting the island, there is one experience you can’t miss out on: the simple pleasure of contemplating the island’s sunsets, those natural light shows that always evoke a round of applause as the king star exits the stage.

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Want To Relax? 4 Quiet And Peaceful Beaches In The North Of Ibiza


Ibiza is the place that best combines the nightlife with daytime leisure, and that is so that in our beautiful island there is room for everyone. It is well known that many of the best parties around the world are in Ibiza, and that the best DJ’s meet every summer in our discos. But let’s not forget something important… the island also offers peace and relaxation, away from the clubs and the party. If you are one of those who are looking in Ibiza for that haven of peace where to forget about work and obligations, than this post is for you! Note down these 4 Ibiza beaches where you can truly relax.  Sshhh… Don’t tell anyone!

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More reasons to visit Ibiza: Santa Eulalia village


Santa Eulàlia des Riu is one of the most visited municipalities of the island as it has many interesting places to visit and, of course, here you’ll find the cozy coastal town of Santa Eulàlia, the main town of the north of the island.

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