In March and with the arrival of spring, the island of Ibiza offers two important events. In the first place, the Sant Josep de sa Talaia’s fiestas, being March 19th the biggest day. And on the other hand, there’s the Easter Week. Today we’ll focus on this second religious event.

Somehow, summer season starts in Ibiza with the coming of the Holy Week and Easter. The weather improves and temperatures rise. On the beaches we can start seeing people keen for sea, and even some of them venture taking their first swim of the season. Lots of restaurants, terraces and shops, that close during the winter, now reopen. The nice atmosphere is starting!

Yet, besides everything we’ve mentioned, the Holy Week brings us some very interesting events typical of this festivity of strong religious nature. Very characteristic are the solemn processions, in which hundreds of brothers and “nazarenos” (penitents) of the different brotherhoods of the island of Ibiza parade carrying the statues of every church before many viewers who observe the procession with devotion, respect and, in many cases, curiosity.

The most important processions are in Santa Eulària des Riu and in Ibiza town, although Holy Week processions are celebrated in many other villages of the island, like in Santa Gertrudis, Sant Miquel, Sa Cala, Sant Llorenç and San Antonio.

In Santa Eulària the processions start on Maundy Thursday at 9 o’Clock at night. It goes from La Capella de Lourdes, in the town centre, to Puig de Missa church, which crowns a hill located at the town entry. There are also two procession on Good Friday. The first one starts at 10 o’Clock in the morning and goes from the market to the church, where the the Stations of the Cross are represented. And the other one is at 8 o’Clock in the evening, being the most important one, and goes from the church to La Capella de Lourdes. The final procession is on Easter Sunday, and goes from the town hall to the church, and starts at 9.30 in the morning.

In Ibiza town there are more veneration acts, organized by the different brotherhoods which have place in their parishes, yet the main procession starts on Good Friday at 8.30 in the evening and goes from the Cathedral, up in Dalt Vila, to Vara de Rey promenade. The following of this procession along the winding streets is of great length.

If you are visiting Ibiza these days, we gladly recommend you seeing one of the Holy Week processions or simply enjoy the rest of the island, taking a walk through the colourful Ibicenco fields, watching an incredible sunset right next to the sea or tasting the authentic Ibiza cuisine.

You’ll love it!