This 2013 San Antonio will be hosting the famous Adlib Fashion Show on the June 6th at 20.30. It will take place at the renewed “Club Nautico de San Antonio” (San Antonio Yacht Club). Of course, the backdrop will be the sea, and this is because the promoters want this edition to have a strong sailor essence. This year the fashion show will have the slogan: “Aires de Gregal”.

Adlib fashion has a long tradition and a strong influence in the island’s textile industry and economy, as well as a tourist attraction for Ibiza. This fashion style has an artisan spirit, working natural fabrics and traditional embroidery and laces. Adlib fashion has been around since 1971 always having an essence to the typical clothes and dresses from the Pitiusas, and directly influenced by the hippy movement that gives it a special touch. It was Yugoslavian Princess Smilja Mihailovitch who gave Adlib fashion its first significant impulse, promoting the idea that women should be more conscious about her body to dress more freely, being elegant and comfortable at the same time. Dress as you wish, yet with style.

The star in Adlib fashion is the white colour, complemented greatly with the use of natural and light fabrics, the embroidery, the crochet, the frill and the traditional laces. Volume garments that follow the body’s natural movements.

This edition wants to give extra importance to the the industrial part of fashion, with the confirmed presence of some directors of wholesaler groups and shopping centres to facilitate business with the designers. This edition also intends that trendy internet blogs, an important key for latest tendencies,and specialized media become a very important part of this special event.

There are 17 designers confirmed: Beatrice San Francisco, Charo Ruiz, Christine Astruc, Dira Moda Ibiza, Elisa Pomar, Escuela de Arte de Ibiza (Ibiza Art School), Hippy Chic Ibiza, bimoda, Isabel Castellar, Ivanna Maestras, Marta Raffo, Maru García, Piluca Bayarri, Rubén Perlotti, Tanit Jeans Ibiza, Tony Bonet and Tres Ibiza.

As a curious and original note for this edition, on June 7th there’s a two hour “treasure hunt” organized for bloggers and all the invited people to the Adlib Fashion Show, in which participants will have to look for the best Adlib look 2013 on the port streets and in the shops of La Marina.